Former KTV Escort Alexis in Shekou District

Alexis is a beautiful escort in the Shekou district of Shenzhen.  She used to work as a typical Chinese KTV escort before wanting to move onto bigger and better things.  She’s 26 years old, with an incredibly pretty face, perfect teeth and a smile that would melt steel down.  She has a slim body and a great attitude and personality.



KTV call girls are very common in Shenzhen and girls like Alexis do justice to their image of perfection and beauty personified.  She’s elegant and charming and provides the complete ‘escort experience’ with ‘full escort services’ as it were.  You’ll feel very satisfied and relaxed once she’s done with you… or you’re done with her.  

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131 6870 6236 (to a native English speaking agent)

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Alexis mainly works in Futian district in the central part of Shenzhen and she is available to work all over Shenzhen is required and called upon.  Although she used to work as a KTV escort girl she now as a much more professional job as an escort to wealthy clients and business in and around Shenzhen.  You can contact her using the form above.