Tall Escort Girl Jessie in Shekou, Shenzhen

Jessie is a tall, attractive escort in Shekou district in Shenzhen.  Some men prefer shorter ladies, but especially if you’re a 6 foot three American businessman you might not want a Chinese escort ranging from 4-5 feet.  Jessie and the other tall escorts fill the shoes which those other tiny Chinese girls simply can’t fill.



Although she certainly has the height to be classed into our ‘tall escorts’ range there’s nothing else about Jessie that I would say is amazingly stand out.  Obviously she’s a very beautiful girl and she has the classic pale skin and cute face that you would and should expect from this type of Chinese girl.  I’ve heard she’s naughty.

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131 6870 6236 (to a native English speaking agent)

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Jessie has long legs, beautiful round eyes and an adorable smile that will leave you cracking ‘jokes’ in an attempt to see that smile one last time.  She’s definitely worth a girl.  Especially if, like me, you’re bored of these tiny Asian girls.  On the other hand if you’re the exact opposite we do have a category for smaller girls that you can browse from our homepage.